Since 2014, Shwick has done a lot.

It started out with a little spot in Bushwick, where we had a couple dozen vendors selling everything from jewelry to clothes, art to food, and all sorts of other cool stuff that doesn't even fit into a category.  There were many performances, open mics, DJs, movie screenings, workshops, art shows, and straight-up parties.  It was a lot of fun.  But we needed more space.

Ever since we started we really wanted a huge space where we could do a lot more.  So we decided to try out some different spots.  We popped up here and there - from the House of Yes to a few nondescript warehouses in Bushwick.  From old theaters in Greenwich Village to former lingerie stores in SoHo, to the fanciest venue in Brooklyn - the Williamsburgh Savings Bank building.

Our goal is to give small businesses a platform to showcase their goods and give shoppers a chance to find something unique, while supporting a small business right here in the community.
— Christopher Carew, Co-founder of Shwick