Please fill out the form below and submit to join the battle of the bands.

We will be selecting 20 bands to perform over the weekend of February 15th and 16th.

There will be one grand prize winning band, who will receive $1,000 cash 💰, a recording session at a local recording studio, and some other cool prizes which we’re still working on.

Winners will be chosen based on a point system, with equal weight given to FOUR criteria:

1.) DRAW - how many people come out for YOUR band

2.) LOUD - how loud does the crowd get when we tell them to yell for you (we’ll have a db meter)

3.) JUDGES - there will be a panel of judges in the local music scene

4.) VOTING - every attendee will have a chance to cast their vote

*There is no fee for bands to join.

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Name (Point of Contact)
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